About Us
Traditional digital signage or DOOH solutions have always been expensive, difficult to deploy, and manage, especially when it involves a large number of displays at geographically disparate locations. Most solutions are custom made and require professional teams to set up or implement. According to digitalsignagetoday.com, “80 percent of the digital signage integrators are local companies and often span the audio/visual and IT worlds”. So, it has never been easy for companies, especially small businesses, to take advantages of digital signage as a cost effective media or marketing channel to increase revenue.

As prices of LCD/LED displays dropping significantly coupled with growing maturity of cloud and mobile technologies, however, the landscape is changing. At MySignBox, we are taking advantages of these emerging trends to bring more agility to businesses by offering you an affordable, do-it-yourself, and simple-to-use digital signage platform. Our ultimate goal is to bring mobile technologies to digital signage and thus creating a meaningful and fun experience for your customers to make an informed purchase decision.

We have been working on this product for almost two years together with our supportive partners and trial users. It’s now commercially ready and we are excited with the journey ahead to bring great value to your companies with our offering. Meanwhile, we will continue to listen and learn from the market; please leave your thoughts or feedback @mysignbox.

Thank you.

Tumin Chook
Kwang-Wee Sim